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Lovers of the Arts, the Spiritual and New Age enthusiests all come together in Sedona, Arizona.

This colorful, mostly beautiful Red Rock landscape has been referred to by many as, ‘The most beautiful place on earth.’

Now while this is a broad statement the mere fact that so many have made it means there is at least something of interest going on in this Northern Arizona travel destination.

Sedona, Arizona offers a rich mix of jaw dropping scenery, courtesy of the beautiful Red Rocks carefully placed by Mother Nature throughout the Verde Valley that attracts a collection of some of the Southwest’s most talented artists; painters, sculpture, writers as well as followers of all things spiritual and metaphysical.

Combine the magnificent natural beauty Sedona, Arizona is famous for along with the area’s natural centers of positive energy, called vortexes, and your visit to Sedona will be a very elevating experience. It is estimated that perhaps half of the people who live in Sedona are here because it feels so good to be here.

A variety of spiritual and personal growth oriented groups and businesses thrive in the Sedona area bringing with them a diversity of spiritual practices, health, and self-improvement and healing modalities.

Sedona’s Creative Life Center presents programs emphasizing personal growth and development processes, metaphysics and spirituality, consciousness-expansion and creativity enhancement, uplifting musical performances, and alternative approaches to health and well-being.

Those that appreciate fine art can explore the more than forty local art galleries. Sedona is considered to be a premier destination for art lovers from all over the world. Many artists choose to live and create their art in Sedona surrounded by the natural beauty Mother Nature has created. The Sedona Gallery Association represents the collaborative efforts of the premiere galleries in Sedona to ensure that art lovers and artist alike experience the best art environment imaginable. The association provides a unified voice to advance standards of excellence and raise awareness to ensure high quality for all Sedona patrons.

Alternative Healings:
Sedona is a Mecca for alternative healers. Living this close to the beauty of the land has inspired many profoundly holistic approaches to health. Our body-temples are complex multi-dimensional organisms, and Sedona healers apply their gifts to every level of the body/mind/spirit spectrum. You will benefit from their intuitive skills and compassionate hearts as well as their intellectual training and hands-on experience. So, whether you’re currently troubled with health issues — or are simply seeking more wellness, pleasure and balance in your life — a visit to one of these dedicated practitioners could open up new worlds for you.

Spiritual Awakening:
Sedona offers many wonderful guides into the invisible realms of heart, mind and soul. Their approaches vary from cutting-edge technologies like Life Coaching and Human Design, to the ancient arts of Astrology and Shamanism. These guides can help you become more conscious and clear about your secret patterns and motivations. While you’re in Sedona, let them show you how to use the red rocks and the vortex energies to deepen your experience.

The Spirit of the Land:
The natural beauty of Sedona is extraordinary from any perspective, but the closer you get, the deeper your experience will be. Special Sedona guides can transport you through the physical landscape and into the heart of the wild. Let the spirits of the land speak to you. Our Native brothers and sisters are sharing their tribal wisdom, showing us how to live in harmony with the earth and all our relations. Some of the most profound spiritual experiences in Sedona are to be found out on the land.

Sedona Vortexes Made Simple:
Sedona Vortex sites are popular tourist attractions. What are these Sedona vortexes? Vortex sites are enhanced energy locations that facilitate prayer, meditation, mind/body healing, and exploring your relationship with your Soul and the divine. They are neither electric nor magnetic (although these words are often used to describe the vortexes, along with the other nomenclature such as masculine or feminine sites). The explanation for vortexes lies more at the boundaries of known science, rather than in electromagnetic descriptions or gender related labels.

Recently the PBS program Nova, featured a breakthrough in physics called “String Theory” (also known as super-strings) that is revolutionizing all of science on the same order of magnitude that Einstein’s discoveries did in the early 1900’s. The key spiritual implications of Super-Strings are that the world’s top scientists agree that all things exist in a minimum of 10 or more dimensions. Simply stated Vortex sites are locations having energy flows in those deeper dimensions that the Soul can soar on.

Up flow Vortexes (also called electric or masculine sites) have energy flows that help you soar to higher spiritual perspectives. They enhance prayers or meditations for blending with the Universe, feeling one with the divine, or facing a problem from a Soul level. Inflow Vortexes (also called magnetic or feminine) have energy flows that help you go inward. In them you will be more successful with meditations or prayers about your life purposes or how to heal hurts in your past. There are also Combination Vortexes that have aspects of both energies. These allow the seeker to experience more advanced or in depth spiritual skills and meditations.

A wide variety of lectures, texts, and Guides are available through Sedona’s bookstores and Spiritual Centers to assist you in experiencing the power of Sedona’s Vortex sites. Give yourself the gift of tapping Sedona’s potential for spiritual renewal and advancement.

In Arizona Travelers Find Solitude and Connectedness With Satellite Internet

There are many unique places in the continental US to visit or vacation. The American landscape is vast and varied. From the Redwood Forests and Pacific Coastline, to the historical North and Southeast of the country. Each place has a lot of unique attractions to offer, whether it is physical and natural beauty, a rich historical and cultural identity, or exciting adventure tourism attractions. Arguably one of the most unique places in the country, however, is the American Southwest. This part of the country has it all; from the awe inspiring Grand Canyon, to the rich and deep colors of the hills and desert in the setting sun, to the bustling cities in Arizona and New Mexico, to the delicious and spicy foods.

If you haven’t been already, the Southwest is a great place to go for an all-American vacation. Arizona particularly has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, while still offering the accessibility and amenities of most big cities in the US. Arizona has recently taken steps to ensure that there is satellite internet access throughout the state. From the desert canyons and Sedona hills to the bustling cities of Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona gets fast and reliable internet access. This is possible because of the integration of satellite internet that allows people to connect to the web via satellite signal. This is great for a state like Arizona that has a lot of open space with many smaller towns spread throughout. Satellite internet doesn’t require cables to be grounded for hundreds of miles to reach small towns, you just need a service and a dish. With this advance in connectivity, Arizona is becoming a major tourist attraction.

Aside from the technological advances of satellite internet that make the state an all-around more accessible and connected place for residents and travelers alike, Arizona has something for everyone in terms of travel. Depending upon your interests here are a few travel ideas for how to really enjoy Arizona and the American Southwest.

Visit the Grand Canyon and the Sedona hills. This part of the state is perhaps the most breathtaking and otherworldly. The rich colors of the soil and stone formations mirrored in the setting sun are like no other sight. You can take private group tours to the canyon with the whole family, or if you’re more adventurous you can get a national parks pass and camp in it. The Sedona hills are great to do with a one day car rental or a day tour with a guide. Be sure to pack a picnic or a bottle of wine to toast the sunset.

Go stargazing. The view from an Arizona night sky is unbeatable. Because of the arid climate the nights are often cloudless. As a result also of the well preserved natural beauty, if you can get away from the light pollution of Phoenix the sky will be filled with thousands of stars you never even knew were there. It’s a great idea for a family outing or a romantic drive.

Go golfing. The areas outside of Phoenix as well as Flagstaff offer some of the country’s most premiere golfing resorts. The winds are low, the days are sunny and dry, which make for perfect golfing weather all year round. There have been many new courses popping up around the cities that provide a great escape for the golfing enthusiast, with well manicured greens and attentive staffers.

These are just a few ways to enjoy Arizona at its best. It is a unique place in the US because it boasts some beautiful and well preserved natural sights that can make you feel like you have the whole world to yourself. Juxtaposed with this seeming isolation is the fact that you can be here among the endless deserts and canyons and still be able to get access to the rest of the world via satellite internet. It is a place where you can really have it all, solitude and connectedness.

Arizona Travel Guide – Visit Arizona Missions

The state of Arizona has a beautiful and colorful past that can be witnessed through its historic landmarks. Among these magnificent landmarks are the Missions.

What are missions? Missions are structures built by the first Spanish missionaries or priests to come in the area. They housed the Spanish missionaries who came to spread Christianity in the Americas, and are about two or three centuries old.

How did these missions came about? Well, centuries ago, Spanish priests, particularly a Catholic priest named Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, established more than twenty missions in the area called the Pimeria Alta, which means the upper lands of the Pimian Indians that is now known as Southern Arizona U.S.A and Northern Sonora, Mexico. Unfortunately, due to several factors, only four of those structures have been left intact and these are the San Xavier del Bac Mission, San José de Tumacácori, San Cayetano de Calabazas, and Los Santos Angeles de Guevavi.

Who was Father Eusebio Francisco Kino? Father Kino was born in a small village in Segno, Italy on the 10th of August in the year 1645. Actually, his parents named him Eusebio Francesco Chini, which was later changed to its German version Eusebio Francisco Kino. This change might be because he studied in Austria, a country in which German is the national language. He belonged to a rich family and was sent to a Jesuit school and later on to Hala, near the German border. When he was in his middle teenage years, he got seriously ill. While he was sick, he made a promise to himself that if he survived the illness, he would become a missionary. After he recovered, he fulfilled his vow and became a priest. He was then assigned to help spread Christianity in Mexico in the year 1683. He started building missions across Pimeria Alta from 1687 until his death at Sonora in 1711.

One of the oldest remaining missions in Arizona today is San Xavier del Bac Mission. It is fondly called by some as the “White Dove of the Desert” because of its white facade. It was first built about 3 centuries ago and it is still amazingly beautiful and functional. Even today, it is still used as a church. Years later, San José de Tumacácori and Los Santos Angeles de Guevavi were both built in 1691 while San Cayetano de Calabazas was built in 1756.

Where specifically can these missions be found in Arizona? San Xavier del Bac Mission can be found near the city of Tucson. It is a little over 8 miles from the city. The three other missions can all be found in the Tumacácori National Historical Park in Santa Cruz Valley. The park is also near Tucson and is quite a popular tourist spot. All four Arizona missions are quite popular because of their sheer beauty and historic significance. Hundreds of both devotees and the “simply curious” sort visit these magnificent historic places every day.

Arizona Travel Guide

When you live in the eastern areas of this country, the idea of traveling west can be very exciting. There so many great places that many of us often dream about one day that we would like to see. I’ve always dreamed of being able to go and see the Grand Canyon. I really didn’t think that an Arizona travel guide was necessary, but I’m Sure glad that my husband and I chose to take one along in spite of my lack of interest.

While I knew that this state of Arizona offers some spectacular Grand Canyon views, I had no idea that some of the other wonders can be explored. Until I read through the Arizona travel guide that we took along on a trip. As our guide mentioned, the state is really a big amusement park for adults and kids alike, built of natural wonders and full of fun activities that are suitable for people of all ages.

I love the idea of visiting the state that takes me to another scenic adventure. The State of Arizona travel guide offered a fair amount of information about the towns that seem to take you back to the old days of the West. This romantic idea is accompanied by some of the most up-to-date, luxurious resorts and hotels that you can imagine.

Combining the old and the new is a great way to offer comfort and relaxation while still giving people the amenities that most vacationers crave in this rough and rugged adventure. The sense of adventure as well as some of the important lessons that you can be learned when traveling to the state of Arizona is a benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Arizona travel guide offers a fair amount of information about man-made railroads, lakes and reservoirs that are certain to be a areas of interest to the average visitor. There are also many organized functions that can offer ways to fill in the empty time while on the trip. You would have a hard time imagining that these will be necessary for most people. The many brilliant museums, dude ranches and other old town areas described in Arizona travel guide makes the idea of staying less than seven days almost an unthinkable thought.

It’s always amazing how one piece of literature can peak so many different areas of interest. Not only am I going to see one of the seven wonders of the world I’m also going to have a number of other memorable experiences on my trip to Arizona.

I’m really looking forward to fulfilling some of my childhood dreams of finally being able to go see the Grand Canyon and enjoy the surrounding scenery. After reading through the majority of the Arizona travel guide I have come to the realization that there are so many things in this state that can be hard to see on just one trip.

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Top 10 Arizona Travel Tips For a Fun Filled Day Trip With the Kids

There is nothing more rewarding for parents than spending quality time with the kids on a family vacation. Snapping pictures, exploring and discovering new territories while blazing new trails can make for great family fun. After all, isn’t that what a family vacation is all about anyway? Just being together, sharing, laughing, talking – creating some of life’s most memorable moments. All too often though, the hopes of a rewarding vacation or day trip with the kids can slowly dwindle into a day of frustration and disappointment. The kids get hungry, then they’re thirsty, they get tired and cranky, now they want to argue and of course the ever proverbial “are we there yet”…coming from the back seat of the car feels as though it will forever be ringing in your ears. Is this bonding? Well…in a sense – yes.

Certainly, years from now when the kids are grown you can reminisce and laugh about the trials and tribulations of the family vacation and day trips you used to take. But wouldn’t it be more rewarding knowing that you can actually have fun with your kids in the present moment! Why wait until they’re all grownup to reminisce about the good ol’ day trips gone by.

When my family and I take an Arizona vacation or go on a day trip we like to think about bonding with the kids in the present moment. Have fun now, talk with the kids now and share in that hilarious belly laugh now – so that when we all get home we can immediately begin to reminisce about the fun times we had on this family vacation.

No matter where your travels may take you and your family the following travel tips will help get you there with your peace of mind in tack so that you can enjoy all of your wonderful “present moments” with your family.

Advice and Tips for Arizona Travelers and Vacationers:

– Check Your Vehicle: A breakdown could spell disaster for a fun filled day. Whether you are in your own car or a rental, always take a look before you start. Make sure the tires look properly inflated and check the windshield washer fluid. Fill your tank. You can always go to Arizona Day Trails to find out where to buy fuel in Arizona for the least amount of money.

– Pack a Cooler: Purchase a small Styrofoam cooler available in any grocery or convenience store for just a few bucks. Pack it with bottled water and a few light snacks. Avoid sweet drinks because they tend to dehydrate you in the Arizona heat. Water will keep you hydrated and feeling good. Keep a box of crackers and Nilla wafers handy because they are easy on the stomach. And drink plenty of water during your day. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty.

– Dress Properly and Comfortably: Flip flops and sandals are great around the hotel or pool, but on your Arizona day trip wear durable, comfortable footwear. Pack some sunscreen and wear hats. It doesn’t have to be a Stetson; a baseball cap will do fine. The Arizona desert can get cool in the evening and downright cold at times so keep jackets handy.

– Keep the Kids In the Loop: Rotate seats in the car so everybody gets a window. Let the kids help decide things like where to have lunch and spend time at the things that interest them. When our son was 8 or 9 years old he could spend what seemed like all day observing reptiles and other animals at the various places on our day trips. It wasn’t necessarily our idea of heaven but today he is a Biologist preparing for his P.H.D. in Zoology. Who would have guessed? So let the kids pick a place or two to go visit. With a little guidance from you, you may be surprised to find a P.H.D. in your kids too.

– Create Family Memories: Pick up small mementos along the way to remind the kids of the places they’ve been and the great things they have experienced. You don’t have to break the bank. It’s the small things that make a difference and are great conversation starters with your kids!

– Take Lots and Lots of Photos: When you get back home and are sitting around with the kids, looking at your photo collection, it will hit you. Arizona is so amazingly beautiful- sometimes it just doesn’t sink in until you see it in print.

– Don’t Try to Beat the Clock: You can only move as fast as the slowest one in your party. Different size families with kids of various ages travel at different paces. Your family may want to spend more time at one place or another or at one particular activity. Go with the flow and enjoy. Arizona’s wonderful places have been around a long time and they will be there tomorrow. Believe me, you and your kids will be happier enjoying the things you get to do than having the day become a nightmare by trying to rush.

– Travel Safe: If you are doing all the driving remember to give your eyes a rest. There are plenty of scenic areas to park and stretch your legs. Take advantage of them. You are going to see some of the most amazing natural beauty on Earth. Take the time to drink it all in. July and August is monsoon season in Arizona and afternoon thunderstorms occur regularly. Be prepared, they usually only last a short time.

– Talk and Laugh a Lot: Talk to one another about the things you are doing and the marvelous sights you are seeing. It’s a great time for the kids to use their imagination and express themselves. Listen to them. You will learn things about each other that may surprise you and you will be better off for the experience. Laugh, laugh and laugh some more! Leave your stress and cares behind and have fun. You owe it to yourself and your kids. Life will be waiting when you get home.

– Bend the Rules: Extend bedtimes. Take an evening dip in the hotel pool. Have that extra ice cream cone. Whatever it is that is different from the everyday. Step outside late one night with your kids and look up at the sky. The night sky in Arizona is filled with stars to wish on so get out there and look up! City dwellers will be amazed.

We hope you keep these hints in mind during your visit to Arizona or wherever you and your family may travel. My wife, Ronnie and I have spent over 30 years traveling throughout Arizona and have found these tips to be true for our family. We know they will be true for yours too.

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