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In Arizona Travelers Find Solitude and Connectedness With Satellite Internet

There are many unique places in the continental US to visit or vacation. The American landscape is vast and varied. From the Redwood Forests and Pacific Coastline, to the historical North and Southeast of the country. Each place has a lot of unique attractions to offer, whether it is physical and natural beauty, a rich historical and cultural identity, or exciting adventure tourism attractions. Arguably one of the most unique places in the country, however, is the American Southwest. This part of the country has it all; from the awe inspiring Grand Canyon, to the rich and deep colors of the hills and desert in the setting sun, to the bustling cities in Arizona and New Mexico, to the delicious and spicy foods.

If you haven’t been already, the Southwest is a great place to go for an all-American vacation. Arizona particularly has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, while still offering the accessibility and amenities of most big cities in the US. Arizona has recently taken steps to ensure that there is satellite internet access throughout the state. From the desert canyons and Sedona hills to the bustling cities of Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona gets fast and reliable internet access. This is possible because of the integration of satellite internet that allows people to connect to the web via satellite signal. This is great for a state like Arizona that has a lot of open space with many smaller towns spread throughout. Satellite internet doesn’t require cables to be grounded for hundreds of miles to reach small towns, you just need a service and a dish. With this advance in connectivity, Arizona is becoming a major tourist attraction.

Aside from the technological advances of satellite internet that make the state an all-around more accessible and connected place for residents and travelers alike, Arizona has something for everyone in terms of travel. Depending upon your interests here are a few travel ideas for how to really enjoy Arizona and the American Southwest.

Visit the Grand Canyon and the Sedona hills. This part of the state is perhaps the most breathtaking and otherworldly. The rich colors of the soil and stone formations mirrored in the setting sun are like no other sight. You can take private group tours to the canyon with the whole family, or if you’re more adventurous you can get a national parks pass and camp in it. The Sedona hills are great to do with a one day car rental or a day tour with a guide. Be sure to pack a picnic or a bottle of wine to toast the sunset.

Go stargazing. The view from an Arizona night sky is unbeatable. Because of the arid climate the nights are often cloudless. As a result also of the well preserved natural beauty, if you can get away from the light pollution of Phoenix the sky will be filled with thousands of stars you never even knew were there. It’s a great idea for a family outing or a romantic drive.

Go golfing. The areas outside of Phoenix as well as Flagstaff offer some of the country’s most premiere golfing resorts. The winds are low, the days are sunny and dry, which make for perfect golfing weather all year round. There have been many new courses popping up around the cities that provide a great escape for the golfing enthusiast, with well manicured greens and attentive staffers.

These are just a few ways to enjoy Arizona at its best. It is a unique place in the US because it boasts some beautiful and well preserved natural sights that can make you feel like you have the whole world to yourself. Juxtaposed with this seeming isolation is the fact that you can be here among the endless deserts and canyons and still be able to get access to the rest of the world via satellite internet. It is a place where you can really have it all, solitude and connectedness.